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Easy Cabbage Salad Recipe

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This super easy to assemble cabbage salad could not be simpler to make! All you need is 6 ingredients, which you probably already have most of in your refrigerator. This tangy salad recipe is a total crowd-pleaser.

Cabbage salad

Want to try putting something else on the table as a side dish besides coleslaw? Try this modernized Cabbage Salad recipe instead! For a lot of veggie salads, you’ll be endlessly cutting and shredding the long list of ingredients. Not the case with this simple recipe! This easy-to-prepare side dish only requires 6 ingredients, and the only ingredients you will need to get from our farm are green cabbage and mint leaves. It comes together to form a fresh and tangy, lemon-mint flavour that keeps the family coming back for more.


This cabbage recipe is somewhat close to a Malouf salad: a Lebanese cabbage salad that is topped with lemon juice, garlic and dried mint. This modern version adds some Dijon mustard and fresh mint for a bit of Mediterranean flair. The best part about this recipe is the short ingredient list and the low cost to make. You’ll need to assemble the following list for this cabbage salad:

Ingredients List:

  1. Green cabbage
  2. Fresh mint
  3. Lemon juice
  4. Olive oil
  5. Dijon mustard
  6. Salt

Got those? Awesome. Then let’s make a Cabbage Salad.

Cabbage salad dressing…plus a tip!

The dressing that you will toss this salad with could not be easier to make! Just use equal parts olive oil and lemon juice to produce a huge flavour. The addition of the Dijon mustard sets this dish apart from other cabbage recipes, giving it a savoury and spicy undertone. And don’t worry since it’s not a normal vinaigrette, you don’t even need to worry about an emulsion. Simply add all your prepared ingredients to a bowl and mix them together thoroughly.

A simple tip to save a bowl: make your dressing in the bottom of the large bowl you plan to serve the salad in. Then drop in the mint and cabbage and fold or toss to combine! You don’t need to get an extra bowl dirty to complete this simple recipe.

How to serve it!

This healthy side dish will compliment almost any meal, and it pairs really well with pot roast. We most often prepare it during the summer months when the cabbage is freshest, but it will work for any time of the year. It’s a great last-minute idea for a potluck or pitch-ins and holds its flavour well. Here are a couple of ways to serve it:

  • On a cold Plate with other salads: Try with simple potato salad, creamy macaroni salad, Greek orzo salad, cucumber salad, or beet salad.
  • Serve it with a main course: Serve with a pot roast of moose, or pair it with some fresh seafood such as grilled shrimp, or baked salmon.
  • For lunch: Just pair it with some sandwiches for a quickly prepared meal to take with you on the hiking trail.

Lemon Juice2 Tablespoons freshly squeezed if possible.
Olive Oil2 tablespoons
Dijon Mustard1/2 tablespoon
Cabbage1 Head (8 Cups shredded)
Kosher Salt3/4 teaspoon
Mint Leaves2 tablespoons

Grab a large bowl, big enough to mix all the ingredients and to also serve the salad in. Mix together the shredded cabbage, lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and olive oil. Finely chop some mint leaves and sprinkle over the top, remember mint has a powerful flavour, so a little goes a long way.

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